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River, Part 2

The River

No, that's not the name of my new shawl. It's still "that cream lace shawl". Although last night there were a few expletives interspersed in the name. I came to a mistake, and in the process of trying to fix it (gin & tonic-driven, I'll readily admit), I dropped a couple of stitches. They rapidly unravelled across about a two inch segment, down about 4 rows. Fortunately, I had a lifeline installed. Unfortunately, the lifeline was 20 rows back.

I'll stop and let that soak in. There are about 300 stitches on the needles. 300 times 20 rows. You figure it out. I didn't bother to stop and take photos, but spent about 2 hours last night getting the mess back on the needles. I haven't checked it tonight to make sure that the stitch count is OK. It's in time out for a couple weeks.

Which brings me to The River. Tomorrow we leave for a little river trip. We're doing two back-to-back river raft float trips. The first segment is on the Green River in northern Utah, through the Gates of Ladore, a four day raft trip. Then we drive to Moab, Utah, and do the second segment, a 5 day trip down the Colorado through Cataract Canyon. 9 days in a tent, with "no phone, no lights, no motorcar, not a single luxury"*. It sounds like heaven to me. And I will admit that in my yarny nerdiness, that I packed the sock yarn first. We're limited on baggage weight on the flight back off the river to Moab at the end, so I'm just taking sock projects.

Speaking of which, here's the latest sock photo. I'm still loving this yarn.



I'm off to pack. I'll be back in a couple of weeks!

*Extra credit for knowing the source of that quote...



Well, it's Gilligan's Island, of course. One of the dozens of theme song lyrics I know by heart.

Have fun on your trip. It sounds "primitive as can be"!


Have a wonderful trip! I know what you mean about the lace. Timeouts find their own timing.


... like Robinson Crusoe, as primitive as can be! Have a fun and safe trip!


Enjoy your time off and the rafting. Your misadventure with the shawl just makes me more scared at trying it.. lol. I better stick to sock knitting. It is faster and less complicated. I just love your sock! Have a safe, speed, and enjoyable journey.


Have fun! It sounds like a great two weeks ahead, even with the limited yarn supply.


Drat, now I'll have that stupid song running through my head all day! Have a great, safe, fun trip and take lots and lots of pictures. I've had my shawl in time out, but it didn't last long. I felt sorry for it and dragged it back out. The mistake is finished and we're friends again.


Mmmmm, it sounds wonderful! I'm feeling a little grounded, knowing I won't be doing any travelling this summer, I'll have to live vicariously through you! Take lots of photos! :0)


Sounds like a great getaway - and perfect fortification for facing the shawl again. Have fun!


sucha pity about the shawl. bless those lifelines!
Your trip sounds like heaven to me! Have a fabulous time.


Oh, were there socks in that wine photo. . . ?


I can just imagine your yarn in ziplock bags so not to get wet while your rolling down the river! have a great time...know you will!


I would put it in time out too.

Have a great trip!!


Oooooh I will HAVE to continue the trend of copying your vacation spots!!! Hawaii was great.. and this trip sounds like a blast.. well when the kids are a bit bigger anyway! Have fun! Can't wait to see pics!!


Sounds like a great trip.

Don't do the math when you have to rip--it is better for your mental health.


Wow, I was feeling a bit old when I saw you asked who knew where the line was from at the end of your post. I feel a bit better now to see others remembered as well.

Have a fun trip and keep your yarn dry.

Miss T

Have a great trip! You're braver than I am. :o)


I, too, knew it was the Gilligan's Island theme song. The trip sounded like a winner till you started talking about tents -- I love hotel camping! Keep the sock yarn high and dry. Have a great time.


Lucky knitting, getting to go along on such an adventure. Have fun together! Hope it's not as "exciting" as Gilligan, though.

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