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OK, you want it in a nutshell?

1) Cruise to Alaska. Wonderful!

2) 4th of July. Great party, great neighbors, lots of fireworks. Dogs hated the noise, we loved it.

3) Knitting. Still working on that baby blanket.

4) Baby. Baby Jacoby was born on July 6th to my niece Janet and her husband, Charlie. It's now the 20th, and the danged baby blanket still isn't done. Knit faster, Lorette, knit faster!

5) Spinning has consumed my life. There are bits of fiber all over the place in this house. Bits of wool now are overwhelming even the Lucy-furr, which is saying something.

6) Teyani came to spin, eat, and drink wine on Saturday. We had a great time, check her post for photos. I have some that I'll post when I get them off the camera.

7) Tomorrow at 7AM I go back down the rabbit-hole to work. I may or may not get more details of the above events posted before I come out the other end of the warren on next Monday.

8) Last, but most definitely not least. I have a new job. It's probably no secret to anybody that knows me that my hospitalist practice pretty much consumes my entire existence during my work-weeks. I currently work 7 days on, 7 off, which sounds great in principle, but. It's starting to do me in. I mostly spend the first 2 days out of the rabbit hole recovering, then the last 2 days getting ready to head back down the hole again. A local thing came up, I jumped, applied, got it. Starting in November, I'll be working a more consistent 40-hour week. I'll be in the same hospital, don't have to move, and I already know all the other docs that I'll be working with. Changes can be hard, but as changes go, this one will be relatively painless.

I'll try to get back here to post photos if I have time this week. To tide you over, here's the Picasa link for the Alaska photos. And here are just two of my own.


Of course, Sweetpea had a good time. Did you really have to ask?

So did I. Photo from our veranda. Yes, I know, I live with a good man. He packed lemons, vodka, and bought me martini glasses at our first stop.




Congrats on the new job. Truly it sounds much more healthier way to work.


Congratulations at finding a new job that doesn't suck the very life out of you. What a relief! Love the expression on Sweat Pea's face.


Good thing for Jacoby's mom that the Yarn Harlot's "baby won't come until the knitting is finished" thing wasn't in effect! And I agree--you've got a great man--and the best part is that he's a Carolina man!


Glad to have you back. Congrats on the new job. Had a great time visiting with Kris in Orlando, but dang, it was hot!!


Congrats on the upcoming job change!

Get knitting!


It was so very wonderful to get to see you and John last saturday! And hopefully, once you begin your new job, and I quit one of mine, we can play some more -
Your spinning is fabulous - truly! And I think we should plan a fiber buying spree sometime :-D


New job sounds MUCH better.

John is a keeper for lots of reasons. And don't take Teyani up on her spree offer. It's a slippery slope without that kind of enabling.


Congratulations on the new job!!! Yippee!!!

Your John is a keeper.


We are similar in so many ways....the knitting, the doctoring, and the friends who travel on cruises with us. Mine is a stuffed hippo who loves to travel. His favorite cruise was the 2-week Panama Canal cruise because he got arranged in the pillows as if he was passing through the locks. (It also my favorite cruise for several other reasons.)

Congrats on the new job and the better hours!


LOVE the Alaska pictures. I think the same iceberg posed for us.


Congratulations on the new job! Spinning will do that to you!


Wow - I do not know how you were doing 7 in a row! 2 in a row are my occasional 3 in a row is doable....but 4 in row I would shoot myself if I had the energy! Loved the cruise photos!


Best of luck with the new job. I really enjoyed seeing your Alaska pictures, too.

shelly Whitman

Good luck Lorette and congratulations on the new job! Carroll was glowing red in the evening sunset the other day.


Congratulations on your new job! My DD is a pediatric nurse in a children's hospital and sometimes works five days in a row so that she can travel more. That just about kills her so I cannot imagine working seven days in a row like you do!!! Hopefully, you will still be able to travel with your new schedule.


Love the picture with the spindle and the martini! Perfect company! I hear you on the crazy hours. I used to do a 40 hour weekend, nights, EW, Mass General in Boston. (Trauma X-ray tech) Total insanity-it was like a MASH unit. Took me more than one day to recover, and I was in my twenties! I fully blame my destroyed sleep habits on that shift, says she who sits here catching up on blogs at 2:15am.
Your body will appreciate the change in pace with the new job, I'm sure. Congrats!


Hey! Congrats on the job change! I'm about to tackle socks! Please send some good vibes to GA. E

Miss T

Congratulations on the new job!


BTW, Lorette, have you heard these guys?

The Ebony Hillbillies


That is a very tough schedule. My dad worked in the post office and had hours that were similar in a way (although his job certainly wasn't as taxing as the challenges you face). People always thought it was wonderful that he would have a spate of consecutive days off, but he spent the first few trying to get his sleep-wake cycle coordinated with ours. Then once he did, he was back to an odd schedule again. I hope the new job works out for you.

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